Beauty in Engineering, The Saturn V Rocket

My interest in astronomy and, subsequently, space travel has grown dramatically within the past several years. When I was younger I would feel belittled looking up at the night sky. Its just so large… and we’re so small. From that perspective it can be easy to feel insignificant and unimportant.

But after catching up on some very space-heavy reading and trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to wrap my mind around some fascinating theories regarding particle physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and the universe in general, I’ve really come to become passionate about those branches of science overall. So much so that I take every opportunity I can to create personal work inspired by the sciences.

One such opportunity came when my wife, Tiffany and I visited the Huntsville Space Center while we stayed with family for a little while in Alabama. There we saw one of the remaining 3 Saturn V rockets left, and it was incredible. I was able to take advantage of the natural light the display provided, and chose to isolate some interesting sections of the rocket which I think show the scale, complexity, and power this machine boasted.