Zac does more than just shoot...

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When I'm not directly behind the camera, there's usually one in close proximity. I love getting together with other photographers to talk shop, provide some insight, and offer services as a DigiTech. I also regularly provide public and private Capture One Pro training aimed at helping other photographers improve workflow and attain prime image quality. 


Digital Technician

With over 7 years of working in both Capture One Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Premier, I bring significant expertise in tethering and still digital capture. A history as a large sensor, high resolution medium format technical support specialist has given me a keen problem solving mindset and a familiarity with specialized equipment and efficient workflow. 

Whether its simple image capture, storage, and file management to complex on-site mid-shoot retouching, masking, or troubleshooting,  I can ensures the shoot proceeds smoothly. 

Equipment proficiency includes: 

Digital medium format camera systems including Phase One and Hasselblad as well as Cambo, Arca Swiss, and Alpa technical camera operation and workflow, Capture One Pro, Lightroom,  Helicon Focus, Profoto, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony. 



Capture One Pro Training

As a technical support specialist, Zac regularly provides group and individual Capture One Pro training and individual private training sessions for photo assistants and photographers alike. Whether an individual or studio is looking to improve workflow, a photographer is looking to get better image quality, or an assistant is looking to become more familiar with tethered capture, Zac is able to show and explain the sometimes complex dynamics of working with Capture One Pro software. 

Zac provides In-person training for groups and individuals as well as web-based private or group trainings.